After starting the season with the Sichuan Blue Whales of the CBA, Metta World Peace (aka “Panda’s Friend”) is currently finishing — err, has finished — up the 2014-15 basketball season playing for Pallacanestro Cantù of the Italian League. A scuffle in a recent game caused Metta to briefly morph into a more familiar version of himself: Ron Artest, the former Defensive Player of the Year, NBA champion and loose cannon known as much for his anger as his basketball skills. In this instance of Ron Rage, he managed to rack up five fouls in the span of a minute, and was ejected for his efforts. At least, that’s what the box score indicates.

Metta World PeaceI don’t even know how that’s possible. Also, Metta’s team had already been eliminated from the playoffs, but was still playing games. Euro leagues are weird, man.