In today’s episode of “When Personal Branding Goes Wrong,” Colin Kaepernick decided that it would be a good idea to tie the dangerous storm that swept through Houston overnight to his own personal hashtag.

Kaepernick often uses the hashtag #7tormsComing when engaging with followers on social media and he apparently thought that the Houston storm was a fine opportunity to make a groan-worthy pun involving his hashtag.

Kaepernick deleted the linked Instagram picture fairly quickly, but not before some followers were able to call him out on it.

Perhaps realizing that this probably wasn’t the most tasteful thing to say given the circumstances, the 49ers quarterback issued a quick apology (hell, he should also apologize for using a ‘7’ as an ‘S’) and offered his prayers to those who were affected by the storm.

UPDATE: Kaepernick released another longer apology for his earlier (now deleted) Tweet and Instagram post.

[Colin Kaepernick]