Manny Pacquiao returned to the Philippines on Wednesday and the boxer reiterated that he thinks that he beat Floyd Mayweather during their May 2nd bout in Las Vegas.

Although Mayweather pretty much dominated the fight using stupidly effective Floyd Mayweather tactics, Pacquiao stated that he reviewed the tape and found that he should have won the match by two points.

Per Bleacher Report:

“I reviewed the fight and kept score. I won by two points, but a decision has been made and we have to accept it.”

The 36 year old also spoke about the whether he’d want a rematch with Mayweather:

“I [would] like that. I want that. But my focus right now is my shoulder, my work as a congressman and my family.”

Mayweather, it should be noted, isn’t so keen on having a rematch with Pacquiao at the moment.

Pacquiao, who revealed that he fought Mayweather with a torn rotator cuff after the fight’s conclusion, recently had surgery and will be out of commission for an expected six months. That will hopefully give him enough time to watch his fight with Mayweather a couple more times because I’m not sure how the hell Pacquiao still thinks that he beat Mayweather.

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