On Thursday night, The Daily Show provided their own take on the winding saga of Tom Brady, Deflate-gate and the recently released Wells Report.

The coverage of the actual report was pretty par for the course but the detour to Rob Gronkowski’s opinions on Deflate-Gate was particularly enjoyable. Stewart had to admit that, like nearly every other person alive, he can’t help but “loves this guy.”

After the Gronk love-fest, all that was left to say was the obvious: “Tom, you cheating fucker. Why? You’ve got four Super Bowl rings. You’re married to the biggest supermodel in the world. Your face. Your beautiful face… is a wonder of symmetry, a platonic ideal of beauty that can survive even the stupidest of haircuts.”

Of all the takes out there, leave it to Jon Stewart to come up with the most succinctly hilarious one of them all.