On Thursday, the San Francisco 49ers unveiled the alternate uniform that they plan on using for the upcoming season.

The uniform, which appears to be black because black is the quickest and laziest way to put a “different” spin on a jersey, is pretty bad on every level.

The 49ers iconic gold helmet looks completely out of place against an all black jersey. The black jersey on black pants look makes the uniform look particularly drab as well. Lastly, there’s a team across the Bay that, as Paul Lukas of Uni-Watch helpfully points out, pretty much has a trademark on the color black.

There’s already a Bay Area team that wears black. It’s called the Raiders, and the Raiders have worn black for half a century, so there’s no way the Niners will ever “own” black the way the Raiders do.

The Raiders themselves couldn’t help but get in a nice swipe at their neighbor by the Bay. Late Thursday night, the team released their own images of some “alternate uniforms” that they’d be using for the upcoming season.

Thankfully, the team quickly assured everyone that their “alternates” were a joke (unlike the Niners ones, which are sadly a reality).

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