It’s not even football season and poor Lane Kiffin is the butt of jokes and focus of an award-winning political attack advertisement. The heavily criticized Alabama offensive coordinator and former Raiders, Tennessee and USC head coach continues to be pounded with amusing bits, quips and shots. Apparently the shots have grown so elaborate that they are now award-winning.

During the American Association of Political Consultants annual conference in New Orleans, a Kiffin-inspired attack won the award for Best Negative/Contrast Direct Mail piece. According to the Knoxville News Sentinel, the flyer, seen below, attacked Tennessee Democratic Rep. Gloria Johnson:

The direct mail piece called “Kiffin,” designed to assist the successful campaign of Republican Rep. Eddie Smith, resulted in Tennessee-based Direct Edge Campaigns receiving a Pollie award for the “best use of negative/contrast” direct mail piece. It was designed for the Tennessee Federation for Children PAC, which supports school vouchers.



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