Texas Rangers v Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim

On Friday, Adrian Beltre and the Texas Rangers faced off against Garrett Richards and the Los Angeles Angels.

Incredibly, not only did Richards get Beltre out each time the two faced each other, he also broke three of Beltre’s bats in the process.

With three of his bats essentially being transformed into kindling, Beltre hilariously sent an invoice to Richards for $300 for his destroyed equipment the very next day. Richards was highly amused.

Apparently, Beltre put some effort into his request:

It was a real invoice, like Beltre went to an office-supply store and bought a pack of them or something. “Cash only, no checks,” he wrote above his signature.

Richards and teammate Mike Trout laughed about it, and Richards sent back a signed batting-practice bat, inscribing on it he hoped that covered his debt.

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