Scott Van PeltFive years ago, John Wall — then making his debut as a rookie with the Washington Wizards — boogied his way through player introductions by doing “The Dougie”, the hot song-and-dance routine of Fall 2010. Despite his 14-point, 9-assist debut, and subsequent 28 and 29-point performances (including a near triple-double in just his third pro game), one broadcaster just couldn’t get over the fact that Wall had danced his ass off in front of thousands of people.

That anal-retentive ninny was ESPN radio host Colin Cowherd, who, to this day, just cannot let go of Wall’s pregame antics. Cowherd brought the dance up again on his show on Tuesday (you can read a history of Cowherd’s John Wall dance obsession here), which coincided with Game 2 of the Wizards’ first round series against the Toronto Raptors. We’re not sure if Wall was informed of Cowherd’s latest missive, but he scored 26 points and dished out 17 assists in a blowout win — on the road — to take a 2-0 series lead over the Raptors, so we’d like to think this was at least a partial “Eff U” performance.

After the dust settled, Cowherd’s ESPN colleague (and all-around awesome person), Scott Van Pelt, took to Twitter and took what amounted to massive dump on Cowherd’s head.

Because ESPN doesn’t like its employees talking shit about each other, SVP will probably get suspended (or, at least a stern talking to), while Cowherd gets to keep saying dumb things about John Wall.

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