Marathon runner Jack Woodward definitely knows how to attract some attention. The 22-year-old from Portsmouth, England will be partaking in the London Marathon but doing so in a rather unconventional manner. Woodward’s friend, Rob Harris, a graphic design student at the University of Portsmouth, passed away last October at 21 years young after losing a battle with testicular cancer.

According to Metro, Harris was diagnosed with a chest infection in September but his conditioned worsened in a matter of days and was initially transferred to Queen Alexandra Hospital before being moved again to Southampton General, where he was given a much different diagnosis: Testicular cancer.

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Harris would lose his life one month later. In an effort to honor his friend and raise awareness and funding for the right against testicular cancer, Woodward will be running the London Marathon as a giant scrotum, telling the Portsmouth News of his desire to make a difference:

I want to highlight that people should be more aware of their bodies and make sure they check themselves regularly. We really want to get this message across and hope by running in the costume that more people will notice the cause and think about the message.

He is seeking to raise €5,000 before the event on April 26th and, as of April 15th, he has raised about €1,400. You can donate to to Woodward’s cause here.