The Cubs organization is having a rather rough start to the 2015 season. First, Wrigley Field is undergoing highly publicized and controversial renovations that have rendered the infamous bleacher area useless and pissed off a lot of fans. Second, their offense was completely shut down by the Cardinals Sunday’s Opening Day game. And lastly, people were pissing everywhere except for the actual Wrigley bathrooms.

The 100-year-old ballpark has always had issues attributable to a century-old facility but those issues have now been compounded with the inconvenient construction during the start of the season. After bathroom lines began stacking up on Sunday night, fans started urinating in their beer cups or anything else they could find. Of course, most of those cups did not make it to the toilet or even the trash, but instead were left in plain view.

Luckily, the Cubs took notice and brought in a couple banks of ports-potties for the foreseeable future:

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