NHL: FEB 18 Canadiens at Senators

Ever wanted to own a trading card featuring an athlete picking up a hamburger off the ice surface of a hockey rink? Probably not but, if so, I have some really great news for you, weirdo.

The Upper Deck trading card company has created a card commemorating the incredible run Senators goalie Andrew Hammond has had in the latter half of this season. Thanks to his stellar play, Hammond – affectionately known as “The Hamburglar” – has created a frenzy in Ottawa, where fans have taken to throwing hamburgers on the ice in the netminder’s honor after big wins in the middle of a playoff hunt.

Regardless of whether the Senators end up sneaking into the postseason, Hammond’s incredible run and the new tradition he sparked in Ottawa will now be immortalized in card form, which is a very cool consolation prize at the very least.



Update: As a reader pointed out, Upper Deck spelled ‘Senators’ wrong on the card, which is pretty embarrassing, but apparently the mistake was corrected before the cards went to production. Slightly disappointing.