As a part of a documentary series on American basketball players who play professionally overseas, Grit Media got a chance to interview Romeo Travis.

In addition to being an eight-year veteran of overseas basketball, Romeo also has the distinction of being one of LeBron James’ high school teammates from Akron, Ohio. Grit spoke with Travis about LeBron’s infamous “Decision” to join the Miami Heat back in 2010 and Akron’s general reaction to it.

Not too surprisingly, unlike some Cavs fans (and one Cavs owner), Romeo found that Akron generally supported LeBron’s decision through and through. In fact, many in Akron became Heat fans when LeBron went to Miami.

“Anything good from [Akron], everybody’s proud of it. If someone’s from Akron and they see you, they’ll be like, “Yea, you know Lebron’s from here.” The Black Keys are from Akron… If you’re from here, everybody’s just proud to have you, proud to be apart of it, so we represent as much as we can. When Lebron went to Miami, everyone was still a Heat fan instead of a Cavs fan… in Akron.”

However, Romeo did concede that LeBron didn’t handle the “Decision” in the best way possible and that it was OK to criticize LeBron for the way in which he made the “Decision.” Romeo even accurately (and hilariously) compared the whole debacle to Usher’s Confessions album which may be the most succinct R&B-NBA analogy ever made.

“You can blame [Lebron] for how he did it. But just leaving, you can’t be mad at that. You can be mad at for how he did it though, I’ll give him that. That was crazy. That was like going on TV and telling your girlfriend you’re cheating on her… Usher wrote a whole album about cheating on his girl and getting another girl pregnant. One of the best albums of all time… about cheating. Who would’ve thunk it.”

Hell, as if this wasn’t spot-on enough already, remember that Usher is also a partial owner of the Cavaliers as well.