NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell Press Conference

Deflate-Gate, the media-induced scandal that somehow culminated in more rumors than a celebrity gossip page and the spectacle of a Bill Belichick dissertation on air pressure, may soon be put to rest.

In an interview with Peter King, Roger Goodell stated that he believes that the investigation into whether the Patriots knowingly used deflated footballs during the AFC Championship game is “near the end.”

Goodell also stated that there is no timetable for the investigation and that he hasn’t spoken to Tedd Wells, the man in charge of finding out exactly what happened during Deflate-Gate, in “several weeks.” Clearly, this is an issue that Goodell cares deeply about.


“I think the most important thing is to get the right information, to get the facts and get to the truth. And not to make any judgments until you get that,” Goodell told King. “We haven’t given him [Wells] a timetable except to be thorough, be fair and get to the truth. When he’s completed his report, that will be made public as well as to all of us.”

In summation, Roger Goodell hasn’t spoken to Ted Wells in weeks and he has no timetable for when the investigation will be over but he can say with absolute certainty that we’re sorta, kinda close-ish to the end of Deflate-Gate (but please don’t ask for anything resembling a deadline). Glad you could clear all of that up for everyone Roger.

For what it’s worth, the Patriots seem fairly confident that they’ll be cleared in the investigation.