This incident came from LNAH (Ligue Nord-Américaine de Hockey) action between the Sorel-Tracy Blackhawks and the Cornwall River Kings over the weekend and features referee Jim Chandik suffering a scary fall after getting taken out by a skater from behind.

As the play changed direction, Blackhawks’ forward Dominic Savoie appeared to toe-pick his right skate and trip directly into the back of Chandik’s legs, violently knocking him to the ice. The ref appeared to smack his head off the ice during the fall and remained motionless on the ice for a few minutes before ultimately being helped off by medical staff.

According to Goon Fights, who posted the video to YouTube, Chandik later returned to the game in the third period It’s really scary to see a guy in such a vulnerable position get taken out like that, but hopefully there was no significant damage suffered as a result of the incident.