The Ottawa Senators and Boston Bruins – two Eastern Conference teams jousting for a wild card berth in the playoffs – faced off on Thursday night in what was a wacky and exciting contest north of the border. The Senators came away with a 6-4 victory, pulling them to within two points of the Bruins for the eighth seed in the East with one game still in-hand.

As you can image, the Sens and their fans were pretty pumped. As is becoming tradition with every Andrew Hammond victory at home, a few fans tossed hamburgers on the ice to celebrate the W. Thursday night, though, Ottawa forward Curtis Lazar decided to celebrate by picking up one of those burgers off the ice and snacking on it as he headed to the locker room.

That is equal parts awesome and disgusting. Obviously Lazar didn’t take the time to consider where the burger might have been stuffed as it was smuggled into the game, or the fact that it landed on the ice that a bunch of grown, sweaty men were just playing on for 60 minutes. Also, that burger probably didn’t taste very good to begin with.

It certainly didn’t look like he was bothered by it, though. Victory always tastes good.

[Chris Abraham]