Comedian Kevin Nealon went on Conan last night and talked about his experience at Saturday Night Live’s 40th Anniversary special in February. One of his funnier recollections was when he talked about meeting Peyton and Eli Manning at the show’s after-party in New York, where the two quarterbacks apparently managed to prank Nealon by messing with his iPhone.

According to Nealon, he asked Peyton – a favorite athlete of the comedian’s son – for a photo, a request which Manning happily obliged. But the shenanigans came when Peyton handed off Nealon’s phone to his brother Eli, who apparently used ninja-like quickness to change the device’s font settings to Chinese.

Who knows if any of this actually happened – I still have a hard time believing the Mannings even do anything outside of football – but if Nealon’s telling the truth and not just making it up for the sake of a story then that’s not a bad prank.