After the blockbuster trade that sent Jimmy Graham from the New Orleans Saints to the Seattle Seahawks, a very cute video of an adorably sad Graham fan made the rounds online.

Luckily for seven-year-old Lexia Woods, the video found its way to Graham. ESPN had the young Graham fan on the air and surprised her with a telephone call from the newly-made Seahawks tight end.

Although she was briefly rendered speechless, Lexia quickly recovered in time to hear Graham invite her and her whole family to Seattle so that Lexia could experience Graham playing for the Seahawks in person.

Noting that the trade “was one of the biggest moments of [his] life,” Graham graciously went on to say that Lexia “made it that much more special that someone cares about [him] that much.”

There is no “D,awwwwww” big enough in the world for the whole exchange.