pac may

Well, if Manny Pacquiao somehow needs any more reasons to beat Floyd Mayweather, Gerry’s Grill in Artesia, California is offering Pacquiao free food for life if he beats Mayweather on May 2nd.

According to TMZ, Gerry’s Grill is one of Pacquiao’s favorite Filipino restaurants, so this isn’t just some restaurant that is looking for some free publicity.

If Pacquiao does beat Mayweather, Gerry’s promises that Manny can “practically live” in the restaurant. That apparently means that Manny would be able to eat any items on the menu whenever he wants.

However, Gerry’s does have two strings attached to its offer. The first is that the offer only extends to Manny. Because Pacquiao often rolls with an entourage that can include up to 50 people, Gerry’s understandably doesn’t want to be on the hook for feeding the equivalent of a family reunion for free every night. In the same vein, the second stipulation attached to the offer is that Manny can’t order any takeout because the restaurant knows that Manny will generously “load up for said 50-person entourage.”

As for Mayweather, he reportedly “has his eyes set on a post-match meal of chicken wings, a burger, and cheesecake.”