Between Tom Brady’s Facebook page, Julian Edelman’s viral videos and this Throwback Thursday picture of Rob Ninkovich, the New England Patriots may just be the champions of the internet as well as football.

The Patriots defensive end is a relative newcomer to Twitter, but he’s already mastered the art form by the looks of things.

Sure, Ninkovich was born in 1984 but he must have done his research for his high school 70’s party because his outfit was on point. Those pants look like they’re bursting at the seams and that jacket most likely saw a disco or five back in its day. The chain really ties everything together.

Rob was able to put together such an era-appropriate costume thanks to his dad.

The only disconcerting thing about this is that this is supposedly a shot of Rob Ninkovich in high school and he looks like he’s already in his mid-twenties.

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