On Tuesday, the Philadelphia Eagles made a rather questionable decision when they traded Nick Foles to the St. Louis Rams for Sam Bradford.

While the swapping of mediocre starting quarterbacks would have been quizzical on its own, the teams also threw some draft picks into the deal. Let’s just say that St. Louis won the trade of draft picks.

In addition to Foles, the Rams will also get Philadelphia’s fourth-round pick in 2015 and second-round pick in 2016. The Eagles will get St. Louis’ fifth-round pick in 2015 in addition to Bradford.

The Eagles can also pick up a conditional pick in 2016 based on how many snaps Bradford takes. If Bradford plays less than 50 percent the Eagles will get a 4th-round pick, if he does not play at all it becomes a 3rd-rounder. If Bradford plays more than 50 percent of snaps the Eagles will not receive any additional compensation.

Yes, the Eagles gave up a 4th round pick and a 2nd round pick for a fifth rounder and a conditional 3rd/4th in order to gain a quarterback who hasn’t been able to be consistently healthy during his entire NFL career.

With people questioning the wisdom of the move, Eagles head coach Chip Kelly stated that he had already received an offer of a first-round draft pick from another team for Bradford (it’s never a good sign when a coach has to immediately justify the value of his recently-acquired starting quarterback).

People were understandably and overwhelmingly skeptical that such a deal was actually offered to Chip. Here’s a small, hilarious sampling of people’s reactions to the supposed first-round offer that Kelly received for Bradford.