If the newly branded World Surf League was looking for more ratings, reigning champion Gabriel Medina has done them the honor. In the first WSL event of the season, the surf size has kept the competition in a holding pattern for almost two weeks. Although the surf isn’t big, the WSL needed to run the competition on Tuesday and Wednesday if they had any hope to finish by Friday (even after extending the waiting period by two days). The first heat of the day (in round 3) featured Kelly Slater getting knocked out and he took it in stride like any calm and seasoned veteran would do, especially given the conditions. However, later on Gabriel Medina lost to Glenn Hall and literally had a meltdown in his post-heat interview. He ended up blaming the size of the waves, a bad interference call, WSL commissioner Kieren Perrow, as well as cursing out his heat-mate.


If you were looking for someone to hate in the WSL this year, look no further. Here is some of the transcript courtesy of Fox Sports.

“Actually, like, first of all, that was a really bad call for the comp,”
“We waited like 10 days, we extended two days to get waves like this, and I think KP (Perrow) didn’t do a really good job. I hope he can do better.

“And second was the interference. One day I will try to understand this new rule.

“And the third, is uh, next time Glenn (Hall) says ‘F*** you’ to me, I’ll teach him some …”

Try and be a bigger sore loser, Gabe.

[Video via the Inertia]