DeMarco Murray

With DeMarco Murray officially hitting free agency this week, the running back seems to be moving as quickly as a spurned ex-girlfriend in purging past relationships from social media. The 27-year old has coldly and methodically removed all references and mentions of the Dallas Cowboys – the only team Murray has played for since entering the NFL in 2011 – from Twitter.

Because Murray has elite talent and interest in his future is high, it didn’t take very long for this Cowboys cleansing to be noticed. Speculation is that the social media makeover comes as a result of Murray being very upset with Dallas in their contract negotiations (or lack thereof) and, as you’d expect, it’s not a great sign for the ‘Boys if they hope to retain Murray.

Sure, it may look like Murray is ready to move on and spark a new flame elsewhere…but would he really put in all this effort and go this far just to prove a point if he was really over the Cowboys? Hmmmm…..