On Thursday, the Atlanta Hawks unveiled a new Dominique Wilkins statue to celebrate all that the legend has meant to the team.

However, Larry Bird decided to honor Nique with some light-hearted trash talking.

The legendary Celtic, who was as renowned for his gift of gab on the court as he was for his playing ability, recorded a small bit for a video that played during the statue’s unveiling. According to Chris Vivlamore of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution, Bird used the opportunity to crack a joke about Dominique’s defense.

This is not even the first time that Bird’s verbal sparring with Nique has made news this year. However, the fact that Larry Bird made fun of Wilkins’ defense for Nique’s own statue unveiling is pretty damn hilarious and adds a nice friendly layer to the two forward’s rivalry.

If there is a lesson here, it is that Larry Bird will trash talk who he likes, when he likes and the rest of us will just have to sit back and take it.

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