It appears that one individual had no clue what repercussions could result if you use Rob Gronkowski and cocaine in the same sentence. A Las Vegas “VIP Host”, as stated in his Twitter profile, tweeted that Gronk was at XS Las Vegas early Monday morning. While it’s nothing new to broadcast that the fun-loving Patriots tight end was enjoying himself at a club, it was accompanied by a heavy duty comment.

We can all safely agree that the comment below implied Gronk was using cocaine. It was not even a sly reference but a pretty blatant remark. Unsurprisingly, this generated some curious reactions, including that of Terez Owens. After inquiring about the video, he quickly backpedaled, probably realizing how much weight such a comment can carry.

It was a questionable decision, especially if he’s now claiming it didn’t happen, that will result in Gronk having to answer a billion questions from his employer and others.



[Terez Owens]