Jonathan Quick has been known to lose his temper time and again. And again. And again.

During Sunday afternoon’s game between Los Angeles and Winnipeg, the Kings goaltender gave us another reminder that he doesn’t like to be messed with. After Jets’ defenseman Jacob Trouba collided with the netminder as a result of a big hit from Kings forward Jarret Stoll, Quick decided to exact a little payback by getting up and promptly butt-ending Trouba right in the junk. And, no, it wasn’t an accident.

Trouba didn’t seem to like the low blow, as he responded by shoving Quick before skating away to join play down the ice. Fortunately for Quick, referees didn’t see the cheap shot and no penalty was called. It will be interesting to see if any discipline is handed down by the Department of Player Safety, though, as assaulting another person’s reproductive organs is generally frowned upon.

GIF via @mremis

[h/t Eye On Hockey]