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Well, it looks like the much-anticipated fight between the WWE’s Seth Rollins and Jon Stewart is going to take place soon.

Rollins “surprised” Stewart at the filming of The Daily Show to invite Stewart to meet him in the ring for Monday Night Raw. Despite a pulled muscle from speaking too loudly and Rollins’ surprising height, Stewart accepted Rollins invitation (during which Stewart tried to pull a sneak attack on the kind-of-bemused wrestler).

The grudge match between the two has been brewing for a couple of weeks now. The war of words started when Rollins boasted during a match that he could make The Daily Show “watchable”. Stewart responded with his own self-filmed hype tape to tell Rollins that he had made “the biggest mistake [he’d] ever made.” Rollins then hit back at Stewart during an interview with TMZ where he called out Stewart over his verbal jabs and challenged him to back them up. Now, thanks to a crash appearance at Stewart’s job, it looks like Rollins will get his wish.

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