I’ve got to give a lot of credit to Columbus Blue Jackets forward Corey Tropp for his effort on this play. Even though the goal ended up being a disallowed after review, it was still one of the most impressive displays of hand-eye coordination that I’ve seen so far this season.

After some physical play in front of Montreal Canadiens goalie Carey Price, Tropp was knocked on his back by two defenders while the puck came to a rest on top of the Habs’ net. As he laid on the ice, Tropp managed to knock the puck off the netting with his stick before batting it out of mid-air and into the net for what was initially ruled a good goal.

There was some question about whether or not Tropp played the puck out of the air with a high stick (above the crossbar) but it looked like he managed to get it below the iron. Regardless, referees deemed that the play was dead while the puck sat on top of the net and overturned the goal.

It may not count on the stat sheet or scoreboard for Tropp and the Jackets, but it’s still a pretty damn sick highlight.

[h/t @ChaseBenj19]