Brad Stevens shocked the college basketball world when he left the kind confines of Butler basketball for the harsh realities of the Boston Celtics two years ago. Many assumed that the young coach would either become a Butler lifer or elect for an opportunity with a blue chip program in the next decade.

Instead the former DePauw University guard bolted Indianapolis for Boston and we can only wonder if he regrets the move. It has not been smooth sailing in Beantown. Following a 25-57 first season, the Celtics will definitely top the 25-win mark in year two but the long-term outlook is not significantly better.

As a result, some have began speculating that Stevens could bail and return to college. If he does, what could be his options? Although it’s impossible to predict which coaches will be fired, take other jobs or even retire between now and May, there are a handful of intriguing options with very realistic chances of happening.

Here are 10 potential college jobs for Brad Stevens if he leaves the NBA: