There might be millions of fans equally passionate about both the NBA and college basketball but there are also fans that despise one forum or the other. Some NBA fans do not pay a lick of attention to the college game and could not care less which schools their GM plucked players from. And some college fans despise the professional game and care not to follow the paths of players they once adored.  Many others will fall on various levels of that spectrum, but regardless of your opinion, the business, personal and development relationships between the two entities is a very, very big deal.

Among those that are greatly impacted by those relationships and other decisions are current and prospective players along with coaches. Some recruits could not care less if a certain coach or program has shuttled dozens of players to the NBA. For others, that is all that matters.

There is no denying that the nation’s blue bloods send more guys to the NBA. Even an ignorantly homer fan could guess which current top 25 teams have the most players in the professional ranks. However, there are quite a few surprises on a list of most active players for each school, including BLANK number of ranked teams without a single player in the league.

This week’s Re-Rankings rank all of those schools by number of active NBA players, starting with those who received a goose egg and strolling through to the aforementioned blue bloods.

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