The superhero movie complex received a huge shakeup this week when it was announced that Sony would be working with Marvel to essentially reboot the Spider-Man franchise once again.

And while that means that it may be time to say goodbye to Andrew Garfield, the changes will allow for Spider-Man to start showing up in the Marvel movie universe. It is rumored that the franchise will aim to reintroduce Spider-Man as a high school student but finding the best actor, even if he may look a little old for high school, should be the priority. Let wardrobe and lighting take care of the rest. Tobey Maguire didn’t look like a high school student in Spider-Man and he did just fine (Andrew Garfield perpetually looks like a college freshman).

With that in mind, here’s the guys who could pull off the challenging roles of playing a crime-fighting comedic wallcrawler on the one hand and a shy, nerdy wallflower on the other.