NCAAIn an effort to make its product more watchable increase pace and scoring, the NCAA is experimenting with something that has been a long time coming: a shorter shot clock. Since the 1994-95 season, the NCAA has employed a 35-second shot clock — ten seconds less than the interminable 45-second clock that preceded it. For the 2015 NIT, the NCAA will test drive a 30-second shot clock, which will undoubtedly speed up the game, and — hopefully — lead to increased scoring.

Factoring in skill and athleticism, thirty seconds is probably the appropriate amount of time for college players, as anything less — such as the NBA’s 24-second clock — is just too little time and would probably lead to bodies being strewn about midway through the second half.

Another rule the NCAA will test in the NIT is extending the restricted area by one foot.

[NCAA via Uproxx, photo: USA Today]