While there have been plenty of reactions to Deflate-Gate from Patriots opponents and the public at large, Patriots players have largely been quiet in responding to the recent reports that the balls used during the AFC Championship Game were not properly inflated.

Brandon Browner didn’t wait long to break his silence on the subject. The Patriots cornerback tweeted strongly on Deflate-Gate, noting that the Patriots ran the ball at-will against the Colts and could have done so even if LeGarrette Blount “carried a beach ball.” Basically, Browner’s point is that the inflation of the football would have had little impact on the outcome of the game which the Patriots won 45-7.

It appears that Browner’s tweet is the first response that a Patriot player has given to the Deflate-Gate story since it was confirmed that under-inflated footballs were used in the AFC Championship Game (Gronk’s humorous take on the ordeal came before the most recent reports). It remains to be seen whether it’ll be the last, especially given the Patriots’ renowned media wariness when it comes to addressing scandals.