KnicksSo, uh, the New York Knicks won today, officially ending their 16-game losing streak and bumping their season win total to a whopping six (or, as I like to call it “Still Two Fewer Wins Than The 76ers”). Don’t get too excited, because their opponent (New Orleans) was playing without its best player — a guy who most certainly would have wreaked havoc on a Knicks front line that started Lou Amundson and Jason Smith. Instead of Anthony Davis, the Pelicans rolled out Ryan Anderson, and he promptly shot a disastrous 4-for 17 from the field (3-for-13 beyond the arc) for only 11 points. Tyreke Evans and Eric Gordon shouldered most of the scoring load for the Pelicans, while Carmelo Anthony and Langston Galloway (aka, This Guy) led the Knicks.

Also, this is a thing that happened, so we really mean it when we say don’t get too excited:

[ESPN, photo: Nathaniel S. Butler/Getty Images]