Arroyo Valley High School girls basketball team put up one of the most decisive victories you’ll ever see when they beat Bloomington High School on January 5th. That is not a scoreboard typo. The final score was really 161-2.

For so thoroughly (and mercilessly) wrecking a high school opponent, the Arroyo Valley board decided to suspend their head coach Michael Anderson for two games. And while Anderson has stated that he tried to avoid a blowout and protested that he’s “not trying to embarrass anybody,” not everyone was convinced.

Bloomington High School head coach Dale Chung was vocal in his criticisms of Anderson:

“People shouldn’t feel sorry for my team. They should feel sorry for his (Anderson’s) team, which isn’t learning the game the right way,” Chung said.

There’s some evidence that Anderson may not have had sportsmanship at the forefront of his mind, despite sitting his starters at halftime (when his team had an obscene 104-1 lead). Arroyo High employed a full-court trap for the entire first half and “let up” in the second half by only going for a half-court press.

Anderson states that he approached the refs about instituting a running clock but the rules stated that a running clock could only be used in the fourth quarter.

For the first game where Anderson was not allowed to coach, his 19 year-old son filled in for him and Arroyo High’s girls basketball team won by a much smaller margin of victory – 80-19.

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