P.J. Hairston’s actions on Wednesday night brought a significant amount of attention to the bench player averaging a less-than-liberating 5.8 points per game, but why was the rookie fined $5,000?

The Hornets 6’6″, 230-pound guard was viciously smacked by Spurs 6’2″, 185-pound big man Tony Parker early in the fourth quarter of San Antonio’s 98-93 win. Parker lowered his head, squared his shoulders and delivered a blow that is better suited for a game of brutally violent football.

You can see the truck stick laid upon Hairston, at which time he is flung more than 25 feet into the Spurs bench. Hairston was hit with such force that he completely lost control of his limbs and nearly decapitated Gregg Popovich. There is no way a 230-pound human being could lose such control of his body without being blasted backward with such a serious level of ignorant force. Furthermore, the collision was so violent that it took Hairston’s body almost a full second to react. Watch it again:

Look at how long it takes his body to even process how much force the bulldozing 185-pound Parker is delivering.

Why in the hell was Hairston fined? Parker should have been fined for issuing such an irresponsible level of pressure against a young rookie. Fine Parker the $5k and have Hairston’s chiropractor send the bill directly to the Spurs veteran, not to mention the need for a few extra grand as a result of emotional distress placed upon Hairston by the media.

On second thought, the NBA should have fined Hairston $100k for the pathetic display of defense and given Parker a lifetime supply of Jimmy John’s for exposing the serial flopper once again.