The Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder squared off tonight in the latest edition of the “What-If Bowl”, as James Harden yet again attempted to show his old team that they made an egregious error in trading him away back in 2012. The latest person to assume the role of “Harden Replacement” is Dion Waiters, who was recently acquired in a trade with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Things didn’t get off to a great start for both Waiters and OKC. The Rockets led 40-18 after the first quarter, thanks in no small part to Harden, who put up 15 points against his former team. Two of those points came on the play you see above, when Harden toyed with Waiters for a few seconds before driving to the hoop. Later, Waiters had some problems merely defending in back court, as Kostas Papanikolaou dropped him to the floor.
UPDATE: Dion’s night didn’t get much better (he padded his point total when the game was mostly out of reach). At least he had this nice chase-down block, though.