SeahawksA jilted Seahawks fan has taken to Craigslist to find a date to the NFC Championship Game between the Seahawks and Green Bay Packers this weekend. The man who posted the ad claims his ex-girlfriend cheated on him, and now he has nobody to go with to the game. If the above photo is any indication, the seat appears to be pretty good (Section 131, on the Seahawks sideline), and it’ll only set you back $1 (hey, that’s, like, almost free!). Well, $1 and having to hang out with some dude you don’t know.

I’m looking for a date to take to the Seahawks vs Green Bay Packers Championship Game this Sunday, January 18th. My ex-girlfriend recently cheated on me and I’m looking for someone to fill her spot. The seats are really good. . . Section 131 (south end zone) on the Seahawks sideline. I’m looking for a single female to join me. If you’re interested please email me using the address above with a short note about yourself and a photo.

Go Hawks!

Now ladies, before you go poo-pooing this whole idea, you never know, this could lead to something. One guy on Reddit claims he met his current girlfriend in similar fashion in 2009:

Believe it or not, my current GF and I met up on Craigslist when I posted an ad looking for someone to go to a Seahawks game with me. That was back in November of 2009 (Lions game) and we’re still going strong.

BTW, she’s super cute and an all round great person. So to those of you saying there’s no one that you’d want to go with on Craigslist… I disagree.

By the way, that was back when the Seahawks sucked donkey balls (5-11 in Jim Mora’s only year as head coach). Imagine the possibilities now that the Seahawks are actually good.