SeahawksLeave it to some guy in Florida to up the ante on Super Bowl prediction tattoos. Last year, one Seahawks fan became the only person ever to not regret his prediction tattoo, as his bold pre-season proclamation came true. On the flip side, things didn’t work out as well for a few other NFL fans this season: a Cowboys fan, a Lions fan (lol) and a Bills fan (double lol). Now, some Seahawks fan named “O.C.” has taken it to a whole new level by inking the words “Back To Back Champions” in anticipation of the Seahawks repeating. Not only that, the $300 tattoo take up his entire upper arm thanks to two Lombardi trophies.

O.C. got inked up on Christmas Eve, and everything has worked out so far, but the two teams the Seahawks faced since then have been the St. Louis Rams and Carolina Panthers. Neither of those are comparable to the Green Bay Packers, who the Seahawks face on Sunday in the NFC Championship Game. And, in case you didn’t know, it’s really, really hard to repeat. The last team to do it was the New England Patriots, who may very well be the final hurdle to a Seahawks repeat. But hey, at least the Seahawks have proven they can win the darn thing. You know, as opposed to the Lions, Cowboys and Bills.