In case you didn’t know, Game of Thrones author George R.R. Martin is a pretty big NFL fan and uses his personal blog to write about his football fandom. This past weekend, Martin posted some thoughts about the divisional round games, in which he made it very clear that he’s no fan of Bill Belichick.

In the NFL, it’s the divisional round.  On Saturday, Baltimore is at New England and the Carolina Panthers are at Seattle…

Of couse, I will be rooting hard for the Ravens to defeat Evil Little Bill and his Patriots.  Hey, they are named in honor of Edgar Allen Poe, a fellow writer… and while it is true they beat my Giants in a SuperBowl once, it’s been a long time, I forgive them.

Then, after the Patriots managed to come from behind to beat the Ravens in a thriller to move on to the AFC Championship, here’s what Martin had to say:

For a few minutes at the start, and a few minutes in the middle, the Ravens were two touchdowns up on the Patriots, and it looked as though Evil Little Bill might go down as well.  But New England and Tom Brady rallied, not once but twice… once, admittedly, aided by what the Ravens coach called a ‘substitution trick,’ which wasn’t illegal but probably should be.  No one ever said Evil Little Bill wasn’t clever.  And in the end Joe Flacco threw a killer INT, and the Pats moved on.  That made me mad and sad.

So it seems that Martin has a pretty strong distaste for the man he really enjoys calling ‘Evil Little Bill,’  but just how deep does this hatred run? Well, as WEEI’s Jerry Thornton points out, it may not be such a secret. Take a look at this little piece of literature from Martin’s “A Song of Ice and Fire” :

“The galley was also where the ship’s books were kept… the fourth and final volume of The Life of the Triarch Belicho, a famous Volantene patriot whose unbroken succession of conquests and triumphs ended rather abruptly when he was eaten by giants.

Well okay then. To the archives we go.

Here’s excerpt from a post about free agency back in March of 2013:

What a vile thing is Evil Little Bill. The way he treated Wes Welker is disgraceful. Man has absolutely no loyalty to anyone. Watch and see, when Tom Brady’s talents start to fade — and they will, it happens to all of them — Evil Little Bill will ship him out as well.

And here’s a post on Belichick claiming Jake Ballard off waivers from Martin’s favorite team, the New York Giants, after he tore his ACL in 2012:

Stuff like this is why we call him Evil Little Bill.

The Giants are pissed. Ballard is reportedly pretty unhappy as well. Evil Little Bill says what he did was legal (it was, completely), that there are no “unwritten rules” (there are, that’s wrong, but hell, Bill breaks WRITTEN rules, as in Spygate, so of course he doesn’t believe in unwritten ones, or things like, oh, sportsmanship).

The Patriots don’t even need a tight end. They already have the best tight end tandem in the NFL in Gronkowski and Hernandez, both of whom are actually better than Jake Ballard. This move screws the Giants, but it also screws Ballard, who would have been a starter on the Giants when he came back in 2013. On the Pats, he’ll warm the bench and play in some three tight end sets.

Have you no shame, Evil Little Bill?

Boo. Hiss. Boo.

And here’s Martin gloating after the Giants beat the Patriots (again) in the Super Bowl:

Coughlin outcoached Evil Little Bill. I have to say it… I understand why the Pats parted like the Red Sea to let Bradshaw score on that last Giants TD, but I think it was a bad call by Belichick. It was second and goal, sure. If the Pats stuff Bradshaw, then it’s third and goal. The G-Men probably try another run. Maybe they punch it in, maybe not. Maybe Kevin Glibride tries to outsmart the defense and calls a pass. In either scenario, lots of stuff can happen. Bradshaw might fumble. He’d already fumbled once. A pass might be deflected or intercepted. If the Patriots can hold the Giants for ONE MORE PLAY, they force a field goal attempt. A chip shot, sure. But kickers have been known to miss chip shots, especially when a world championship is on the line. Which Evil Little Bill should know, seeing as how the Pats are only in this SuperBowl because THE RAVENS KICKER MISSED A CHIP SHOT TWO WEEKS AGO. Belichick could have put this game on his D and Lawrence Tynes. Instead he chose to put it on Tom Brady and the Giants D. Which is how SB 42 ended too. And we know how that one worked out.

Bad call, Evil Little Bill. Bad bad call.

And here’s a post in which Martin uses a Game of Thrones reference to blast Bill & the Pats.

One commonality unites all the Seven Kingdoms, and the lands beyond. Everyone everywhere hates the Patriots, and Evil Little Bill.

And let’s get his thoughts on SpyGate:

Bill Belicheat has no honor.

So, yeah, Martin doesn’t really care for Belichick much and if he ever wrote a book about the NFL, we’d have to assume that Evil Little Bill would be on some King Joffrey-level shit. You’d think Martin would be a little less harsh on Bill after the Giants managed to beat him TWICE on the world’s biggest stage, but some distaste knows no bounds.

I will say that, personally, I think it’s a bit hypocritical for the guy who wrote The Red Wedding to call anybody evil.