Because nothing weird ever happens in Russia, this clip from a KHL game on Sunday is pretty damn funny. It features Jokerit’s Tomi Maki on the receiving end of a hit from CSKA’s Igor Makarov, one that somehow manages to get Maki’s jersey wedged tightly between two panes of glass.

Maki tried and tried to free himself from the glass’ grip, but to no avail. Referees decided to stop play – ending CSKA’s weird man-advantage – and try to help Maki once they realized what was going on, but even they couldn’t manage to pry him apart from the boards.

Because desperate times call for desperate measures, a photographer was even willing to use his cell phone as a hammer to assist in the rescue efforts. Ultimately, everyone’s efforts paid off and Maki was able to escape unharmed, though not before becoming the subject of a lot of laughs throughout the arena.

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