Over the holidays, you may have seen the video of a young Philadelphia Flyers fan being given a prank gift of a Sidney Crosby jersey, then reacting as any good Flyers fan would. Well, the team saw it…and they decided to reward the kid for his loyalty to the orange and black.

After the video went viral, the Flyers decided to surprise Kohlsen Fisher by sending him a care package that included tickets, a few jerseys (including one signed by Claude Giroux), and several other pieces of apparel and memorabilia. Fisher and his pops will be attending the Flyers game against the Bruins on January 10th, during which they’ll get to travel down to the locker room and meet some of their favorite players.

It’s a pretty amazing gesture by the Flyers, and one which likely ensures that this kid will be a fan for life.

[h/t @AndrewRDewitt]