Jay Cutler takes abuse from Bears fans on Twitter every now and then. The only problem for Jay Cutler? The Jay Cutler on Twitter is not THAT Jay Cutler.

Jason Isaac Cutler changed his name to Jay in high school and he would go on to become a world champion bodybuilder who would win the Mr. Olympia titles in 2006, 2007, 2009 and 2010 (insert joke about Jay Cutler and championship titles here). He has his own website called JayCutler.com which he began before the other Jay Cutler ever started a game of college football.

Nevertheless, when quarterback Jay Cutler has a bad game, bodybuilder Jay Cutler often takes abuse from Bears fans on Twitter given that quarterback Jay Cutler’s presence on social media is essentially relegated to that of a meme. The bodybuilder talked about his experiences in an interview with DNAinfo:

“It’s been a little tough for me sometimes on Twitter, especially on Mondays,” said Cutler, who lives in Las Vegas. “There’s … animosity.”

Despite the fact that his name is causing him some unearned hate on Twitter, Jay Cutler remains a fan of (the other) Jay Cutler:

“I’m still a fan,” he said.

“This guy has a great contract, and he’s still there. He was still trying to carry that team, and I have to respect that. I’ve won and lost, and it’s easy for people to say he’s finished, and then you perform again, and they’re back on the bandwagon. I respect the guy.”

So, a lesson to all Bears fans. This Jay Cutler


is not this Jay Cutler.