This is a pretty funny clip from Sunday’s Stars-Oilers game in Edmonton in which Dallas forward Tyler Seguin can be heard chirping back and forth with a referee along the endboards during play.

Seguin asks the ref to “get off the wall” as he sets up shop in the corner but the ref insists that he’s not on the wall. The puck eventually makes its way to the corner and Seguin is not pleased when the official finds himself right on top of the play.

Seguin: “Get off the wall…”

Ref: “Im not on the wall!”

Seguin: “You’re right there…”

Seguin: “There you are again.”

Seguin: “There you are again, bud.”

Ref: “I’m not moving!”

Fortunately, the ref never actually interfered or prevented Seguin from making a play and the Stars ended up scoring on the possession, with Seguin getting credited with an assist. All’s well that ends well.

[CTV Edmonton]