Manti Te’o is basically only known for two things of which only one of them is ripe for joke-telling.

The first thing that most sports fans know about Te’o is that he’s a suitable linebacker for the San Diego Chargers. The second thing is that he used to have a fake girlfriend. Guess which one of those things people like to joke about.

After 49ers offensive lineman Anthony Davis put Te’o on blast on Twitter for noting that Te’o “snapped” when Davis made a crack about Te’o’s “imaginary girlfriend,” Te’o was naturally asked by the UT San Diego for his reaction to Davis’ taunt.

Turns out, Te’o had a pretty succinct comeback.

“I got harassed a few times last year (on the field). I expected that. But this year?” Te’o said Monday. “I told him, ‘Find a new joke.’ “

Te’o may not get his wish. After all, outside of the whole imaginary girlfriend thing, Te’o’s been pretty low key and unassuming as an NFL player. However, as long as he’s able to beat his opponent like San Diego did against San Francisco on Saturday, Te’o can at least say that he got the last laugh.

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