In a small but heart-warming Christmas-sized miracle, the mystery of Dodgers legendary broadcaster Vin Scully’s lost World Series ring has been solved.

Scully had lost the ring on a Costco trip on Thursday. The Dodgers were quick to sound the alarm.

However, only minutes later, the Dodgers sent out this tweet.

What happened in that nine minutes between those two tweets? Bill Plaschke of the Los Angeles Times found out.

After a trip to Costco, Scully was unloading supplies which he had bought for his family holiday party when he noticed that his World Series ring was not on his hand. While Scully collected six rings over his career as the Dodgers announcer, the missing ring was the only one that he hadn’t given to one of his children.

Vin called Costco, where assistant general manager Elias Rahhal “went into a panic” (Rahhal also mentioned that Scully “is like family to us” which is pretty adorable). Scully also called Dodgers publicist Steve Brener, who quickly shot off the above Tweets.

Of course, as is often the case, the ring ended up being in a pretty likely place – at the bottom of one of Scully’s Costco bags.

Sure enough, while Vin was unloading the stacks of items, he heard a cry from inside the house. While emptying the ribs, Sandi found the ring at the bottom of the bag.

“I’m still laughing about it,” said Vin. “But you know, I think I’ve been laughing about things all winter.”

Now, back to your regularly scheduled holiday freak-outs.

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