Both Jimmy Howard and Petr Mrazek, goaltenders for the Detroit Red Wings, have decided to get into the holiday spirit by commissioning new goalie masks that they’ll use for the next few weeks. Ray Bishop – the artist who does regular work for both netminders – created the new masks, each with their own unique holiday flair.

Howard’s mask features a large Santa face on the crown with the Red Wings logo layered underneath on each jawline. A simple “Happy Holidays!” message is featured on the backplate. Check it out:


Mrazek’s mask is a little more edgy, as it features a scary snowman with Terminator eyes on the crown. The backplate features a festive Peter Griffin from Family Guy, for some reason.


It’s pretty cool to see goalies take advantage of different events and seasons to break out some new gear. These masks might make some great presents after the holiday season as well.

[Eye on Hockey]