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Blue Shield of California Foundation has started a campaign to end domestic violence called #BeTheSolution. The goal of the campaign is to open up a dialogue on domestic violence and share how every one of us can play a part in addressing this terrible issue.

Domestic violence isn’t a conversation which many people would like to have. It is a hard, difficult subject to broach because it is often so deeply personal and painful. However, it is completely necessary.


Having an open dialogue on domestic violence isn’t just helpful towards bringing awareness to the subject. It’s also helpful towards creating a more compassionate environment where those affected by domestic violence can feel safe sharing their story and getting help in their troubling situation. Normalizing the conversation around domestic violence is critical towards ending domestic violence. That means recognizing that it’s a man’s issue as well as a woman’s. That means recognizing that anyone can be a victim of domestic violence and anyone can be a part of the solution. Even if you’ve never personally been affected by domestic violence, you can still contribute towards preventing it from happening. The power is in your hands.

How can you help? BSCF and #BeTheSolution list out these helpful steps one can take to help end domestic violence.

Speak up! Raise the volume on the issue of domestic violence and help amplify the voice of survivors, like Dr. Debra Bentson, who shares her story – “That night, I didn’t tell, but I remember…”

If you see something, say something. Call a shelter, call the police, or tell a faith leader, mentor or counselor. Domestic violence is not a private issue. It’s a public epidemic and we all have a responsibility to act.

Be a role model. Just because you’re male, doesn’t mean you’re part of the problem. It also doesn’t mean you’re not part of the solution. Get involved in, or start your own effort to be a role model for young men in your community.

Be an advocate. Apply to be a promotora or work in your community to connect with women and girls at risk for domestic violence or identify and help survivors in rural and hard-to-reach areas.

Donate. Whether it’s your time or your treasure, find a local domestic violence organization and help support survivors and families in your area.

While the solutions are varied, silence is not one of them. Don’t be passive and don’t avoid the difficult topic of domestic violence. Be the solution.

Share your stories and help participate in the #BeTheSolution campaign by contributing your voice to the BSCF Facebook page.