Cleveland Browns v Buffalo Bills

On Sunday, Johnny Manziel made waves for what he may or may not have said on the bench after Brian Hoyer missed a wide-open Josh Gordon in the third quarter of the Browns’ game against the Colts.

In order to solve the mystery of what opinions Johnny Football had on Hoyer’s throw, Complex reached out to professional lip reader David Driscoll. Driscoll’s response:

“I have viewed the footage,” Driscoll told Complex Sports in an email, “and yes, I can confirm it is my professional opinion Johnny Manziel said as quoted, ‘I would have fucking hit him.'”

Mystery solved. Manziel potty-mouth confirmed.

Johnny Manziel will get a chance to back up his words this Sunday, as it’s been reported that the Browns rookie will get the starting nod over Hoyer. Hopefully, he’ll be able to “fucking hit” Josh Gordon when he’s open.