Jeff Fisher is stating that he in no way meant to troll the Washington Redskins before the Rams’ game against Washington on Sunday.

It has to be Fisher’s most trollish move since… what took place before the Redskins game.

For the coin toss on Sunday, Fisher sent out six team captains to meet Washington prior to kickoff. The six players that the Rams sent out just happened to be the six active players who the Rams drafted with the picks they got in the RG III trade with Washington.

When he was asked if he was rubbing Washington’s face in what looks like a winning trade for St. Louis, Fisher denied that he was sending any such message.

“No, not at all,” he told reporters on Monday. “No we’re not like that, we don’t do that.”

Fisher did acknowledge that he specifically sent out those players as a special way to recognize their NFL journey but that no fun was meant to be had at Washington’s expense.

“You know, it made too much sense to us to go ahead and recognize the guy that probably wouldn’t be here had it not been for that trade,” Fisher said, with a completely straight face. “So we wanted to do that before the game. It was a memory that’ll last them for a lifetime. So that was a good idea. I’ve sent other people out for different reasons as well. Glad you guys all noticed it, too, by the way.”

Of course, Fisher couldn’t let things end there. He had to get one last jab in order to complete his troll-masterpiece. And boy, did he deliver.

“I think they’ve got more issues than the coin toss yesterday,” Fisher said of the Redskins.


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