That huge log is not a tree. It’s a huge, huge roll of meat that was prepared for a tailgating party at Levi’s Stadium on Thanksgiving.

The “Lambpigcow and Roast Beef” was the brainchild of San Francisco chef David Varley who was doing his own Thanksgiving spin on the classic mutant-bird delicacy, the Turducken.

This is what the “Lambpigcow and Roast Beef” is made out of:

24 quail
12 chickens
8 ducks
6 turkeys
2 lambs
1 pig

Those 53 or so animals were then all rolled up in a whole side of Japanese Waygu beef because when you’re going to go big, you might as well go all the way.

Varley got the idea based on a boast that chef Michael Mina made when he opened his kitchen at Levi’s Stadium earlier this year. Mina had stated that the rotisseries at his kitchen were so big that they could handle an entire side of beef. So, for Mina’s very own tailgate party at Levi’s Stadium on Thanksgiving, Varley put Mina’s rotisseries to the test.

With the help of 20 feet of metal fence, 200 feet of butcher’s twine and eight steel hose clamps, Varley proved Mina right.

Tickets for Mina’s tailgate party ran for $5,000, so it’s only fitting that the monstrous cost of a ticket would be matched by this monstrous hunk of meat.